Guided Meditation for Depression and Anxiety

Meditation for depression, the thought of meditation is that it only makes our awareness level up. Our events tend to observe the qualities we possess. In contrast, the real meditation proposal is to increase its awareness.

If we view depression from the perspective of energy, we can understand it. It is not that two events are going on here, but that the first event is that anything happens in our lives from where the stress begins.

Stress or depression between us has become quite common problems. If we work on ourselves a little bit, we can correct ourselves by ourselves, rather than taking medicine or treatment.

Let’s talk about stress or depression, what happens to depression, the solution, how our system is affected, and how it works, step by step.

What is depression

meditation for depression

In today’s catapulted life, we do not know when we can become victims of any disease. Mental illness is known as depression; it secretly enters our lives; it is a fairly common problem.

Depression is a common mental illness more commonly found in women; depression is overgrowing in young people. Sometimes people cannot recognize the symptoms of depression, and the disease may increase.

Events happen in our lives, and tension comes, it takes the form of depression after a long time.

It may feature sadness. The sadness in depression is different from the occasional sadness in ordinary life. Besides, to lose interest in work. Cry over and over, and Problems are often found as sleep deprivation and loss of appetite. Many times patients also think of damaging themselves.

Identifying and treating depression disease as quickly as possible is essential. Antidepressant medication is used and counseling in the treatment of depression.

Symptoms of depression

Depression is a common problem, and it’s essential to know the symptoms so that you can identify them at the right time and get the proper treatment. It’s easy to recognize.


No interest in work

Stay lethargic

The inability to fall asleep

Loss of appetite

Decrease in concentration

Mind that life sucks

Suicidal thoughts

If depression is identified at the time, Its treatment is entirely possible.

Prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression

● Suggest a doctor

● Its treatment is completely

● Is effective medicine

● Share your word with others

● Keep routine good

● Do counseling

Meditation for depression

meditation for depression

Meditation swift you from sympathetic to parasympathetic mode; it resets your mind. If I speak to my mind like a computer, then meditation reforms you in the same way that we format the computer.


CTRL + ALT + DELETE, Restart your Computer

Meditation Restart your life

CONTROL your state of mind, Create an ALTERNATE way of thinking, DELETE emotional baggage of past Memories, hurt, or failures.


It reduces agitation. It reduces my hyper psychomotor activity from depression, increases my thinking powers, increases my concentration, elevates my mood, and increases serotonin levels in my body.

How to meditate, simple mindfulness meditation is now slowly sitting, then closing your eyes and slowly concentrating your eyes on the top of your sides.

You’ll do mindfulness breathing then your mind starts to see your thoughts every 12 seconds. Then thoughts will disturb you, but you come back to the breathing, so meditation concentrates on the object of attention and gives preference to the object of engagement over the wandering thoughts.

If you don’t want to try breathing meditation, you can imagine a picture, imagine a sound, or do your prayer in which you can meditate specifically and continue that way.

How Meditation work on Depression

Meditation can help us get out of depression. When an event happens, we can avoid it from the moment we become aware of who we are when we become aware of the solution.

The idea of meditation is that it only builds up our level of awareness. That is, our events’ tendency to observe the qualities we have, often the practitioners, to offer only a short thought lease to calm the mind, while the real meditation proposal is to increase its awareness.

Awareness is brought to such a level that when we look at events of our lives, we can discover a solution to all events by ourselves.

And all the solutions we have, then I will never have any stress. There will be no anxiety, and there will be no sorrow, and we will deal with it in our lives.

If we come to have stress free, there is a particular practice in this period, not only for peaceful living, healthy living but also for your spiritual growth. Stress-free is a unique process in itself, and a little practice of meditation can find them.

Guided Meditation for Depression and Anxiety

meditation for depression

Anything can happen in our lives can occur if there is an accident, a loss, an accident, or an anxiety problem. Then depression doesn’t start from the body, It begins with the mind, and the body gives its signal.

A disease Slowly develops in the body. We do know that stress is present and side effects are already on being brought.

Modern science calls it an alarm stage. If it goes deep into depression, one event happens in the mind, but it causes energy to affect our lives and affects our lives’ censors.

Depression is the first of all depression in our lives. If we lose our lives, it mainly has its effect on our Solar Plexus chakras.

It is stored in the Solar and affects mainly Solar Plexus chakras, so our energy goes on distracted, which is that there should have been a release in power that should have come together, and it breaks.

If we view depression from the perspective of energy, we can understand it. It is not that two events are going on here, but that the first event is that anything happens in our lives from where the stress begins.

Because we can’t deal with events, the stress that had caused her to take over us can take place slowly and then take the form of depression. 

Even if we have to take proper sitting, there may be no movement in mind. If we get stilled and still sit for a while, it may affect our energy, that is, we have to balance that slowly by making it united, and we have to use a specific method for depression again.

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For depression, there are a few types of meditation.

1. For this purpose, you can meditate on the solar plexus chakra, which is the storage of our lives where we accumulate our lives, and when we work on that energy, we can do some long experiments on it.

2. The root chakras meditation, which will activate our permutation, produces energy, as our prana is in the root base chakras. It will trigger our energy if we force it for 10 minutes and sometimes again focus on our solar plexus chakras. The storage there will be an accumulation of energy in the repository or a distributor in the body.

3. Formless meditation is the best meditation for depression. When you focus on the nose during meditation, you will see the tip of your nose, but after closing the eyes, then you will see the formless.

Guided meditation to heal depression

meditation for depression

Step 1

Choose a place that will not disturb you. Sit down to the posture of attention and You can sit on the chair or try to lie down and use the technique.

step 2

Gently close your eyes, let the whole body loose, apply your consciousness to your body, and begin to hear the sound around you. and feel you are going in a deeper and deeper relation.

Step 3

Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale and Keep doing this process slowly. Just observe your breath, incoming breath, and the outgoing breath. Every breath is making you more and more relaxed.

I hope you liked it; if you have any queries for the meditation or depression, let me know in the comments section below?

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