How To Improve Meditation – know you are meditating correctly

How to improve meditation, Today, we are going to talk about how to improve meditation. Today, meditation has become like fashion all over the world, in which most people do not know how to meditate. Many people think just a relaxed eye one has to sit close, and this is the meditation.

Why do people meditate

  • Awaken the horoscope
  • third eye opening meditation
  • hypnotize learn
  • Want to know about past lives
  • time-traveling
  • Breath observation
  • Astrological

Meditating for all of this

But there are only one of the thousands who meditate to plunge into the formless.

Meditation, without any desire, does not mean that what you think meditation means to see the formless, to be in it, is to gain nothingness meditation.

This is formless meditation. 

When you focus on the nose during meditation, you will see the tip of your nose, but after closing the eyes, then you will see the formless. So how to improve meditation This way to enhance meditation.

how to improve meditation
improve meditation, photo by natalie for pixels
how to improve meditation and know you are in the right meditation

meditation how to know that you are in a formless stage, you are meditating right. will you experience it. yes it will be absolutely.

When you close your eyes and concentrate on the nose, then you will see the formless form within you, your inner sky will be visible to you from far and wide, you will not see anything left anywhere, and infinitely far away, that is, you will slowly see the whole galaxy You will start to see within yourself, you will feel the moon stars, the entire universe is absorbed within you.

You will start getting the kind of voice you have lost yourself, and you have been far away from this world, in that chaotic world, this is a formless experience, and I have done this experience 2 times in my life.

Seven chakras inside you 

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Salar
  4. Heart 
  5. Threat 
  6. 3rd Eye 
  7. Crown

Meditation has lots of uses

There are many uses of meditation and it is not right that you do not benefit from them, each experiment has its advantage.

When you meditate to get something like to use the power of the subconscious mind, for this you have to go down the bottom of the threat wheel chakra, going down means that the energy will be transmitted downwards so that it can activate your subconscious mind Does. 

Hypnosis Uses:-  In this Experiment, the flow of energy goes towards the bottom. In this, we tilt the neck a little bit, by tilting the neck, heat is blocked on the threat chakra when the energy is blocked then there will be no way to go up then the same power will go down Will come to the subconscious mind and this makes the use of hypnotic successful.

You see, any psychiatrist when it is being used with someone on whose neck his neck is slightly bowed so that the energy goes down to his subconscious mind where all your previous memory is taken. And the data of your past lives is safe.

If you do this experiment, then you can quickly see past lives and old memories come out very refreshingly as if you are watching a movie, and you feel like it.

If you remember the sad thing, you will start crying immediately; this will begin with you. Your body will accept it now. Your body will feel like it is happening right now and you start crying,

You can also have an emotion. A happy incident can also make you feel satisfied.

If you go back and assume that you are two years old, someone has snatched the chocolate from your hand, and you cry.

Then you will start crying in the use of hypnosis just like a two-year-old child.

All these experiments are done meditation, but their objectives are different

But for real meditation which is the formless form of meditation, you have to go upwards.

Amazingly, all of us have been born with infinite power in every human being; it is possible to do everything in the world; we do not know the secret. And the person who gets to know the secret can become everything you want to stay. You want to be a family; it is also possible. So, friends, you must have understood from this post how to improve meditation. 

All the possibilities of the world are within us, just finding the key.

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