How to raise your vibration fast | Guided Meditation

How to raise your vibration meditation and, Our vibration decides our life. So if we keep vibrating on a higher frequency, we attract opportunities, good health, and abundance. This post teaches scientific techniques to do so.

Have you met someone who has cured lousy work? If its work is not going to happen also. He finds someone who does the work.

You’ve experienced many times in your life: the work you’re going to do has become a challenge.

That’s the magic of our vibration. In this post about vibration, I’ll tell you how to raise your vibration meditation to help you feel better health.

You stay away from diseases. You will have many financial opportunities to come, And your relationship will get better.

Today in This post, How to raise your vibration fast and how you can improve your vibration.

What is vibration

how to raise your vibration meditation, how to raise your vibration when depressed

Quantum physics says that there is an energy field around our body and the component in this energy field is a vibration.

Vibration is the moment you feel in a certain way that becomes your vibration, and this vibration goes on to become your point of attraction. 

And it’s the vibration that sets out what kind of life we’re going to experience.

How to raise your vibration fast some tips

If you have a negative vibration, so in that case, we have to move out of this vibration, our vibration starts to spoil, and our relationship and we have a problem.

Vibration has great importance in your life. If our vibration is good, then we attract opportunities, good health, and abundance.

I have shared some tips about how to raise your vibration fast.  And these tips work when you’re depressed. So I hope you like it.

How to Raise your Vibration Meditation

how to raise your vibration meditation

When you meditate, you become the master of your mind. 

The Buddha used to say, “you and your brain have the same relationship between you and your brain, either the mind will become your master and your life will end in disaster, or you will become the master of your brain, you can create whatever you want in your life.

Meditation is the tool you can secure yourself with, you can be the master of your brain, and you can create whatever you want in your life.

You can change your thought process. Meditation has such a result that people have cured their rare illness, along with cancer.

And latest research would say that meditation not only downs your stress levels but makes your brain feel-good chemicals. So you get into a happy situation.

Moreover, brain research says that this is a product made by your DNA telomerase, which repairs your DNA.

By this, you can overcome your illness by strengthening your immunity, and at the same time, it rolls out your endurance

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Please don’t confuse this with meditation. We ruin a big part of our mental energy by daydreaming or focusing on things that are not important in our lives.

The great practice of a meditation session is to become aware of it. Accept the awareness; mindfulness means accepting the moment in which you happen. Be mindful of it.

You do not project; no daydreaming doesn’t go into the past. There is life only and only this moment.

When you start living in the moment, your health is better, and money is better. And your vibration becomes positive right away.

Friends, it’s easy to read, but it’s a technique that you can raise your vibration instantly.


Our brain is a limiting system brain which has the same functions to protect us from danger.

Whenever we have the feeling of revenge in your heart for someone, our brain becomes a new neurological circuit, and always our mind keeps looking at it, our energy is stuck on it.

For example, if you’re in a room with everything right, But alongside that, there are a few rotten potato slices, Or there’s some dry food, So her stench will draw up your attention more, and you won’t be able to give your best.

It is the same thing that happens to our brain when we are at enmity or forgives someone, or because the condition holds the feeling of revenge for someone. That condition reminds us of the thought that something is going wrong with you is negative.

And that’s why the brain can’t do it for potential, and our mind enters the cycle of negative vibes.

Spending Time in Nature

how to raise your vibration

Every time you spend your time in the early morning nature, you see that you are united in peace and connected to nature’s energy.

And this stage, our brain performs a stage extension—the reason why hypofrontality is that they raise the creative ideas in our minds. And this energizes us for a new energy action in our mind.

But it’s the part of the brain that scares us. By thinking something that will not happen, do stressful thoughts create or create scary ideas for us.

When you spin time in nature, its autopilot activity stops. That means that your brain doesn’t bother you to create a new idea.  It does not remind you too frequently what the danger is to do this work.

In the transient hypofrontality stage, your brain focuses only on the result but does not focus on the things that cause your energy down. And your vibration goes up faster.


A lot of research has been done about gratitude you may have heard or read.

When you practice gratitude, you focus on what is there, and low says that wherever attention goes, energy flows and thinks show.

When you keep your focus positive, your brain begins to open up to new opportunities. And your vibration is so positive that it forces you to feel gratitude in fresh and unique ways.

When you practice gratitude or have thankfulness for whatever is right in your life, you have 1200 positive metabolism processes in your body.

All the process heals your body, your mind sharpens your memory nice, and together with it, the new opportunity ideas start to attract into their brain.

Friends, If you like any of the techniques. And if you have any queries about how to raise your vibration meditation. Please write it down in the comments box. If you liked this post, you might also share another one.

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