Root Chakra meditation to open your Muladhara chakra

Root chakra healing meditation is one of the best ways to open root chakra and balance your root chakra “Muladhara” because it is easy and straightforward.  And through this practice, necessary qualities can be manifested.

The root chakra is the most basic cycle of the body, Muladhara is the basis of our physical structure, If this foundation is not stable, then neither man will be able to maintain his health nor keep his skills and balance right.

A person who awakens Muladhara Chakra becomes fearless and feels at ease in his consciousness. The awakening of the chakra eliminates man’s fear and gives him confidence, and as a result, can prove a task.

The existence of fearlessness and confidence within yourself is a must for any action to be accomplished, and the root chakra awakening you will master of powers and change your life. And in this post Know about these Muladhara qualities. 

What is root chakra

root chakra images
root chakra photos

It’s Sanskrit Name is Muladhara chakra also known as root chakra is located at the base of your spine, and it’s colour is red, it is your seat for grounding, perfection, focus, courage, and stability. 

Seven chakras are in our bodies; it is the first chakra. This chakra is the base chakra of our life, without this, we can’t imagine life. so this chakra is also called the base chakra of life

This chakra is the cosmic energy that enters its own body to give it consciousness. It affects the muscles, backbone, blood cleaning, body skin, and genital organs.

Human survival needs are food, sleep, self-preservatives, self-preservatives, eligibility, and these are the basic needs of human beings. And how can we find all these environmental issues for our survival is linked to our root chakra. If our root chakra is balanced, we won’t lose things. That is no shortage of material comforts.

Characteristics of the root “Muladhara” chakra

  • Safety grounding
  • Basic security
  • Financial safety
  • Basic need ( shelter, food, sleep, etc.) 
  • Grounding

Here are some characteristics of the blocked First Chakra:

  1. Disconnection from the Body.
  2. Anxiousness.
  3. Inability to settle. Other concerns like rejection.
  4. Fear of change.
  5. Weight problem.
  6. Financial troubles and difficulties.
  7. Disorganization.
  8. Hoarding.
  9. Physical discomforts, legs, knees, feet, joints, hips, lower back.
  10. Lethargy.
  11. Procrastination.

How to open root chakra

root chakra best meditation

Root chakra healing meditation is one of the best ways to open root chakra and balance your root chakra “Muladhara” because it is easy and straightforward.  And through this practice, necessary qualities can be manifested.

Root chakra meditation

Chakra is like energy centers in our bodies, life-force energy in our bodies that are influenced by different channels throughout the body.

The chakras are like sensations of energy circulating in the body, which affects our physical, mental body, and consciousness, each has a different vibration. Each vibration affects different parts of our body.

The thought of meditation is that it only makes our awareness level up. Our events tend to observe the qualities we possess. In contrast, the real meditation proposal is to increase its awareness.

root chakra healing

Step:- 1  Find a quiet room where you don’t disturb, turn off the mobile phone, so you shouldn’t be distracted in any way. There should be no movement in the body; the whole body should be calm and relaxed.

First of all, we will try to divert our attention from outside Voices.

Step:- 2 Sit in a meditation posture and let the tip of your thumb and index finger touch. You can also try to meditate by lying down or sitting in a chair.

Step:- 3 Place a picture of Root Muladhara in front of you (as is possible). Beej’s mantra for meditation on this root chakra is LAM. and next to Chant the sound “LAM” while meditating on Muladhara.

The “LAM’ Beej Mantra is considered the seed element of the earth element Muladhara chakra. And recite this mantra up to 1 min focusing on your root cycle.

Daily meditation with this ‘LAM’ beej mantra resonates with the vibration of the chakra and balances it. Meditation with this mantra sound cleanses and balances the root Muladhara chakra.

By regularizing this practice, you will begin to balance your base chakra. Start the practice till you start benefiting from it. Hope you take advantage of this method so practice with full faith.

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Root Chakra Affirmations

Here are some root chakra “Muladhara” affirmations to support a healthy root chakra. Our goal is to increase a sense of grounding and stability. Let’s start by closing the eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

  • My body is full of vitality.
  • Lifeforce energy flows freely through me.
  • I am a master of my own body. 
  • I nourish my body with replenishing foods.
  • I stay physically fit through proper exercise.
  • I am physically aware and comfortable in my surroundings.
  • I am grounded.
  • I am balanced and stable and secure.
  • I am mindful and present.
  • I am connected to my physical body.
  • I am safe and secure.

Just like that in this post, I hope you liked it; if you have any queries for root chakra meditation or any other related information, let me know in the comments section below. I will meet you in another post.

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